EMAbq 2024 Waiver & Release Agreement

By applying to attend Encuentro Milonguero Albuquerque 2024 dancers agree to abide by the following:


Upon applying, I acknowledge receipt of and agreement with the following terms as a condition of my participation in Encuentro Milonguero Albuquerque 2024 to be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on August 30 — September 1, 2024.

I am aware that the event will be held in person and may consist of physical exertion, and on behalf of myself, my heirs, successors, assigns and personal representatives, I agree to hold Encuentro Milonguero Albuquerque (referred to hereafter as Encuentro Milonguero Abq), the members of the Encuentro Milonguero Abq steering committee and assistants (together referred to as “Organizers”), as well as FUSION and its directors and employees, harmless and agree to discharge, release, or waive any claim of liability or damages for any injury, physical or emotional, that I might suffer as a result of my participating in Encuentro Milonguero Abq.

This waiver specifically includes, but is not limited to, the remote possibility that I contract COVID-19 or any variant of COVID-19 while participating at the event. Should any claim be brought by me against Encuentro Milonguero Abq or Organizers for liability and/or damages resulting from my participation in this event, I will be responsible for paying reasonable attorney fees and costs for having to defend against such action.

If I am feeling unwell, I agree to test for COVID-19. If I test positive, I will no longer attend, notify the organizers, and may apply to the organizers for a pro-rated refund. I acknowledge that the rules for the event regarding COVID-19 may change, at the Organizers’ sole discretion,depending on the public health situation and local mandates regarding COVID-19 at the time of the event.

I have read and acknowledge the refund policy posted on Applying to Attend EMAbq 2024 and accept that any exceptions to these will be the prerogative of the organizers.