Instructors and Private Lessons

These talented Milonguero Style Instructors were available to offer their insights during our Saturday Afternoon Practica. They are also available for private lessons during the 2023 encuentro. Please contact the instructors directly to schedule.


Barbara Durr

Barbara is a member of a small group of U.S. based instructors and organizers responsible for the introduction of milonguero style to North America. She began studying the dance in the mid-1990s, and taught at the Denver Milonguero Festivals, and the Atlanta, Portland, and San Diego Tango Festivals of the early 2000s. Barbara organized the original U.S. tours for Susana Miller, Cacho Dante, and Alicia Pons. Barbara now resides in Asheville, NC.
Text: 202-617-5799




Christopher Nassopoulos & Caroline Peattie

Christopher and Caroline have been dancing, teaching, and DJing Argentine tango for 50+ years between them. They met at a milonga in 1998 and quickly became partners in tango and in life. They dance and teach tango together and bring inspiration as a successful and respected “dancing couple.”  They are highly skilled social dancers who incorporate diverse backgrounds of movement, training and teaching. Both lead and follow in crowded and complex situations and are well-qualified to offer a unified message and balanced information on both the responsibilities and delights of the respective roles of tango. While Christopher and Caroline are noted close-embrace dancers, they do not define one’s “tango style” by one’s embrace. Instead they define style as quality of musicality, movement, and connection. In support of these ideas, their insights and keen eyes for fundamental details give students accessible and applicable tools for social dancing and tango community-building.

Private lessons are $100/hour for one teacher, $130 for both. Call or text: 415-860-1016



Liz Haight

Liz HaightLiz has been dancing Argentine tango since 1998 and teaching tango since 2002. She has studied extensively with Ricardo Vidort, Alicia Pons, and Osvaldo & Coca Cartery. Liz has been teaching Milonguero-style Argentine tango privately, in group classes, and at festivals for most of the past two decades. Liz was one of the original members of the Siempre Milonguero group, seeding the renaissance of North American encuentros. Pre-pandemic, she also hosted her own monthly milonga and annual encuentros at her studio and elsewhere in Santa Fe.
Text: 505-699-0106


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