DJs for EMAbq 2023 — Thank you for your fabulous tandas!

Andy Stein

Andy DJ’d at Encuentros in USA and Europe, at Tango Festivals and Tango Marathons, and was the organizer of the Newport News Encuentro (E+). His music is primarily Golden Age 1930-1950, striving for balance and harmony, with rhythmical and lyrical tandas and occasional drama. When an external monitor is available, Andy displays information about the current and next tanda in a consistent format.  Andy’s Milonga as a Service (MaaS), is a cloud service of tandas and cortinas that is always on and always free here.


Christopher Nassopoulos

Christopher Nassopoulos has been dancing, teaching, and deejaying Argentine tango since 1993. He is a “traditional” deejay and social dancer in the strongest sense of the word, having learned about the music from old-school deejays and milongueros in Buenos Aires in the 1990s, during an era of tango when “alternative” songs meant playing valses and milongas. Christopher cares deeply about the musical arrangements, particularly those with unheralded bass lines that help define and describe the followers walking and allow the couple to settle in to calm breathing and graceful dancing. If the dancers trust the deejay, and each tanda contains complimentary songs and energy and flows naturally into the next, then each new partner is a supportive  fellow musician. Christopher plays the arrangements that experienced dancers know and love, so they can go out and effortlessly be their best, without having to rethink or reimagine the music.

Michelle McRuiz

Michelle has been a tango DJ for 13 years. She has danced Argentine tango for 16 years and has done some form of dance since the age of 9. She combines her deep love for golden-age tango music, innate musicality, and trustworthy ear to create tandas that flow, build energy, and keep pulling dancers back onto the floor. Michelle DJs regularly in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and has been a beloved DJ at festivals, marathons, encuentros, and various milongas in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, California, Idaho, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, and England.


Paul Akmajian

Paul Akmajian has been dancing Argentine tango for 25 years and DJing for most of that time. In addition to being a regular DJ in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Paul has DJ’d nationally and internationally at numerous major festivals, marathons, and Encuentros, including Charleston, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Tucson, and many places in between. As a DJ, Paul works hard to keep everyone energized and dancing long into the night by playing the highest-quality, most familiar, time-tested, and dancer-approved music from Tango’s Golden Age.


Shahin Medghalchi

Shahin has been a tango DJ since 2021 and the founder of La Milonga Leona in Santa Fe, NM. She has been a tango teacher since 2003, a Tanguera since 1995, and a dancer her entire life. She has an immense love for Golden Era tango music through the years of its evolution. Shahin creates tandas familier to all levels of tangueros/milongueros to keep them on the dance floor with joy, forgetting about time. She DJs regularly at milongas and other tango events, locally, nationally and internationally. Website