Instructors and Private Lessons

These excellent Milonguero Style Instructors will be available for private lessons during the 2018 encuentro.
Please contact the instructors directly to schedule.




Barbara Durr

 is a member of a small corps group of U.S.-based instructors and organizers responsible for the introduction of milonguero style to North America. She began studying the dance in the mid-1990s, and taught at the Denver MIlonguero Festivals and at the Atlanta Tango Festivals of the early 2000s. Barbara organized the original U.S. tours for Susana Miller, Cacho Dante, and Alicia Pons. Currently based in Washington D.C., a more detailed profile and current contact information may be found at the Tango Seekers website.



Maximiliano Gluzman

Maxi Gluzman Instructor

has been dancing tango since 1997, and is among a small number of younger Argentines who exemplify the style of the old milongueros of Buenos Aires. He learned from legends such as Pocho and Neli, Tete, Ricardo Vidot, and Osvaldo and Coca. Maxi has taught in Argentina, Europe, and the USA. He is an engaging and popular instructor and dance partner. Contact: 734-355-6265




Liz Haight

Liz Haight
Liz has been dancing Argentine tango since 1998 and teaching tango since 2002. She has studied extensively with Ricardo Vidort, Alicia Pons, and Osvaldo & Coca Cartery.  Liz now works full-time teaching Milonguero-style Argentine tango privately, in group classes, and at festivals. Liz also hosts her own monthly milonga, and has hosted encuentros at her studio in Santa Fe. Contact: 505-699-0106.



Christopher Nassopoulos & Caroline Peattie

Christopher And Caroline
Christopher was first introduced to Argentine tango in 1993, and made numerous trips to Buenos Aires to study and learn the social traditions of the milongas there. Caroline taught many forms of movement and danced salsa for almost a decade before being lured to the tango in 1997, and joined Christopher as his teaching partner two years later. Christopher and Caroline are invited to teach at festivals all over the U.S. and abroad. Contact: 

Christopher and Caroline are also members of a small corps group of U;S.-based instructors and organizers responsible for the introduction of milonguero style to North America.



Linda Garwood

We were sorry to hear from Linda that she will be unable to attend this year.

Linda, originally from Mexico, resides, teaches , and host the Milonga Nocturna in San Diego. She has been dancing and studying tango since 1998, and has been teaching since 2002. She teaches strictly social tango both from the leader and follower’s perspective, Technique is  the focus point of her teaching. She strongly believes in a solid foundation and complete understanding of the basics of the dance.