Paul Akmajian

Paul Akmajian
Paul Akmajian has been dancing tango for close to 20 years and DJing for the last 15. In addition to being a regular DJ in Tucson, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, Paul has DJed at numerous major US festivals, marathons, and encuentros, including Portland, Denver, Albuquerque, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore and many places in between. As a DJ, Paul strives to keep everyone energized and dancing long into the night by playing the best, most familiar, time-tested, and dancer-approved music from the Golden Age of Tango.


Jeanne Castle

Jeanne Castle DJ
Jeanne plays music for the dancers, and the dancers’ energy guides choices made from tanda to tanda. She has a passion for the sound of the Golden Age orchestras and relishes what each cortina offers to the whole. This April Jeanne turned 19 tango years old and has been DJing for 13, beginning locally with Seattle’s Tango Magic Festival.


Maximiliano Gluzman

Instructor Maxi Gluzman
Maximiliano has been dancing tango since 1997, and is among a small number of younger Argentines who exemplify the style of the old milongueros of Buenos Aires. He learned from legends such as Pocho and Neli, Tete, Ricardo Vidot, and Osvaldo and Coca. Maxi has taught and DJed widely in Argentina, Europe, and the USA. As a DJ, he uses the vast richness of rhythms, textures, and moods found in classic tango to invite dancers to connect to each other.


Michelle McRuiz 

Michelle McRuiz
Michelle McRuiz has been a tango DJ for eight years and a tango dancer for 11 years. She DJs traditional milongas and practicas regularly in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Michelle has also DJed the Albuquerque Tango Festival; Tucson Tango Festival; Las Puertas Tango Marathon; Austin Spring Tango Festival; Cambridge Festivalito (UK); Casa Tango Milonguero Weekdend in Salida; and various and sundry milongas in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland.


Amy Zhou

Amy started tango as a student with the UCLA tango club and the Oxygen Tango school in Los Angeles. After dancing for several years, she began DJing as a way to broaden her study of tango. She finds tango music endlessly fascinating and enjoys studying its depths and variety. Amy understands that good music is essential for having a memorable evening of dancing. She is a thoughtful and attentive DJ. Her music responds to the energy of the milonga and inspires expressive and deeply connected dance experiences. Amy DJs regularly in her hometown of Los Angeles, California, as well as at festival and marathons across the United States.